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Beyond Textbooks


To schedule a training, or for further questions, please contact 
Justin Chesebrough, Director of Beyond Textbooks at: or 520-879-3964

Assume Student Confidence with a Growth Mindset

Beyond Textbooks Leadership Retreat Part 1 Refresh Training

Beyond Textbooks Leadership Retreat Part 2 Refresh Training

(K-12; 3 hours)

Educators often believe lowering standards will give students successful experiences, boost self-esteem, and raise achievement. It doesn’t work! Lowering standards leads to poorly educated students and is a recipe for disaster. Great teachers believe in growing intellect and talent and are fascinated with the process of learning. From Teachers: The Mindset of a Champion, participants will explore how shifting from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset can empower student learning.

(K-12; 8 hours)

The Leadership Retreat Part 1 is a required training for all new BT partners. The refresher training is to ensure all new leaders or partners in need of a “BT Restart” are familiar with the theory and practices that make Beyond Textbooks (BT) a success within their organization. This session focuses on developing a deeper understanding of the BT Frameworks, and participants will work towards re-establishing a specific implementation plan aligned to their organization and its goals for the year.

(K-12; 4 hours)

The Leadership Retreat Part 2 is also a required training for all new BT partners. The refresher training is focused on new leaders in an organization as leadership is the ultimate determiner of in successful implementation of BT. In this workshop, participants will learn about the critical attributes of leadership that have proven most successful in implementing Beyond Textbooks and have the opportunity to set new organizational goals to ensure the successful implementation of BT across the organization.

Classroom Observations/Feedback Beyond Textbooks NTI

(All Schools; 2 days)

Beyond Textbooks will visit all schools and walk through all core content classrooms. The purpose of this visit is to collect data on BT implementation, instructional modalities, learning environment, and classroom management. BT observers will then meet with organizational leaders to share their findings and share their top recommendations for improvement. 

(K-12; 2 days)

The purpose of this training is for site principals, curriculum or professional development coordinators, and superintendents from BT partners to:

Gain insights into base components of Vail's instructional model and compare your organization's current New Teacher Induction practices with Vail.



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