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Standard Sessions

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Assume Student Competence with a Growth Mindset

Presenter: Megan Cloud

Dancing on the Tightrope: Implementing a Balanced Math Program

Presenter: Brent Edwards

Dare to Be Different: Differentiating Instruction Within the Classroom

Presenter: Jean Peglow

Developing Skills for the Diverse Elementary School Learner: Reteach and Enrich

Presenters: Andrea Garbutt & Erin Rabuck

Digital Bridges to Success

Presenters: Kristin Murray & John Roberts

Enrichment for All: Three Tools for Enrichment Every Day

Presenter: Jen Strosin

Ensuring Every Minute Counts! Engagement Strategies to Enhance Learning

Presenter: Megan Folkers

From "No Way" to "Leading the Way:" A Profile in Change and Coming Together

Presenters: Aron Schmidt & Dean Nourse

From Idea to Effective Implementation: Lessons Learned from a School in Year Three of BT

Presenters: Brendan Ewald & Margaret Burkholder

From Learning to Read to Reading to Learn:

The Balanced Literacy Model for Elementary School

Presenters: Larissa Baker, Samantha Duncan, & Rebekah Valverde

Google Docs and Beyond!

Presenters: Suzanne Brazzell & Carrie Burdon

Having the Courage to Teach Critical Thinking: The RwCURAJ Model

Presenter: Kristi Hill

Hitting the Target with PLD’s

Presenters: Debbie Hedgepeth & Megan Cloud

Let’s Get Teams Talkin’ Data: A Look at Effective and Efficient Data Teams

Presenter: Stephanie Magnuson

Morenci: Intensify BT by Fostering a Growth Mindset

Presenters: Ilsa Castillo & Shelly Cervantez

Multiply Your Math Team’s Power:

Skills and Practices of Successful Middle & High School Math Teams

Presenters: Aron Schmidt & Dean Nourse

Staff Culture: On the Right Bus, In the Right Seat, Facing the Same Direction

Presenter: Peter Boyle

The Ash Fork Story:

How We Improved from a “D” to the #1 Ranked School District in Arizona

Presenters: Erika Acosta & Sonny Martin

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The Nuts and Bolts of Implementing Reteach and Enrich in Middle School

Presenters: Breanne Brace, Alison Dougherty, & Justin Lainson

The Rookie Year: Surviving Your First Principalship

Presenter: Sarah Bates

The Grumpy Old Tech Director’s Guide to Just About Everything

Presenter: Matt Federoff

The Littlest Solution to a Big Problem: Two High School Perspectives on Formal Reteach

Presenters: Lainie Kitzmiller, Raylee May, David Shingler, & Eric Tatham

The 3R’s: Raising Rigor in Reading with Text Complexity

Presenters: Debbie Hedgepeth & Megan Cloud

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