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Instructional Tools

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The Art of Juggling Fire: Engagement Strategies for the Secondary Classroom

Presenters: Megan Lotti & Lisa Scott

Classroom Management: 10 Tips to Keep Your Class Classy

Presenters: Kristin Salerno

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Discussions: Can They Help Students Grow More and Perform Better?

Presenters: Jennifer Porter & David Shingler  

Dynamic Math Discoveries with Desmos

Presenters: Sharon Newman & Wendy Garrett


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Every Minute Counts! Engagement Strategies for All Grades and Content

Presenter: Chelsea Scopellite

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Everything Essential to Instruction: Ensuring Students Get Everything They Need From Each Lesson

Presenter: Lauren Prater

Fitting it All In: Meeting the Needs of Early Readers

Presenters: Tracie Livingston & Lindsey Anderson 

Flipping the Classroom with BT

Presenter: Amber Akapnitis 

Hitting the Nail on the Head with Literacy: An Overview of Close Reading

Presenters: Linda Reusch, Rebekah Valverde, & Nikki Bailey

Making Every Balanced Math Minute Count

Presenters: Katie Cansick & Erika Schlittenhart

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Managing Your Classroom Like a True Democracy: From Rule of Law to Majority Rule

Presenter: Jason Mayeux  

PEMDAS: Transforming Middle School Math Students From "I Don't Like Math" to "I Love Math"

Presenter: Donya Hadder

Planning for Multiple Intelligences: "By Failing to Prepare, You Are Preparing to Fail" -Ben Franklin

Presenters: Mario Balderrama & Cynthia Dancil

Power Up Your PLCS's with Math Vignettes

Presenter: Aron Schmidt

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