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Intervention Tools

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The Advantages of a Power Hour: Finding a Way to Implement a
School-Wide Intervention Program

Presenters: Hector Estrada & Beth Lehr 

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All Hands on Deck: A Whole School Approach to Reteach and Enrich

Presenters: Cammie Stealy-Natay & Melissa Yazzie-Martin 

Bobcat Scholar Academy: A Program for High Academic Students at CHS

Presenter: Nemer Hassey

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Enrichment for All: Three Tools for Enrichment Every Day

Presenter: Jen Strosin 

Inclusive Practices: The Tools You'll Need

Presenters: Kathleen McNaboe & Michelle Wood

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I've Got 99 Problems but Math Ain't One

Presenter: Brent Edwards

Reach for the Stars with Reteach and Enrich

Presenters: Apryl Pierce & Nicole de Gennaro

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