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New Social Studies

Eighth Grade Social Studies Standards

Quarter 1 Standards: 
  1. 8.SS.C1.01: I can analyze the ideas and principles of the founding documents of the United States. • Declaration of Independence • Constitution • Bill of Rights 

  2. 8.SS.C1.02: I can demonstrate civic virtues that contribute to the common good and democratic principles within a variety of deliberative processes and settings. 

  3. 8.SS.C1.03: I can analyze how the personal interest and perspectives influence issues and problems in government and society. 

  4. 8.SS.C2.02: I can explain the roles, rights, and responsibility I have as a citizen in our society.

  5. 8.SS.C2.03: I can analyze concepts and ideals such as majority and minority rights, civil dissent, and the rule of law. 

  6. 8.SS.C2.04: I can explain the requirements that individuals need to accomplish/undertake to become citizens. 

  7. 8.SS.C3.01: I can describe how political parties, interest groups, elections, and the media can create, shape, or change policy. 

  8. 8.SS.C3.02: I can explain why we have constitutions, laws, treaties, and international agreements. 

  9. 8.SS.C3.03: I can compare the structures, powers, and limits of government at the federal, state, and local levels. 

  10. 8.SS.C4.01: I can determine the process, rules, and laws that govern societies and are used to address any problems. 

  11. 8.SS.C4.02: I can assess specific rules and laws (both actual and proposed) as means of addressing public problems. 

  12. 8.SS.C4.05: I can analyze how a specific problem can manifest itself at the local, regional, and global levels, identifying its characteristics and causes, and the challenges and opportunities faced by those trying to address the problem. I can apply a range of deliberative and democratic procedures to take action and solve the problem.   

  13. 8.SS.E1.01: I can analyze how levels of education affect how much money a person makes. 

  14. 8.SS.E1.02: I can analyze how interest rates affect consumers. 

  15. 8.SS.E1.03: Analyze the relationship between investment and return. 

  16. 8.SS.E1.05: I can create a budget. 

  17. 8.SS.E3.01: I can explain the roles of buyers and sellers. 

  18. 8.SS.E3.02: I can analyze supply and demand. 

  19. 8.SS.E4.01: I can explain inflation, deflation, and unemployment. 

  20. 8.SS.E5.01: I can explain how nations are connected through trade. 

  21. 8.SS.E5.02: I can compare different types of economic systems.

  22. 8.SS.E5.03: I can explain the benefits and the costs of trade policies to individuals, businesses, and society. 

Quarter 2 Standards:
  1. 8.SS.C1.04: I can engage in projects to help or inform others such as community service and service-learning projects. 

  2. 8.SS.E3.03: I can analyze the influence of institutions such as corporations, non-profits, and labor unions in a market economy.

  3. 8.SS.E4.02: I can explain the influence of changes in interest rates on borrowing and investing.

  4. 8.SS.E4.03: I can explain the effect of productivity on standard of living.

  5. 8.SS.G1.01: I can use key tools and representations to analyze historical and modern political and economic issues and events. 

  6. 8.SS.H2.01: I can explain how Americans’ opinions on the role of government have changed over time. 

  7. 8.SS.H2.02:  I can compare how conflicts can divide people or bring them together. 

  8. 8.SS.H2.03: I can explain how geographic and environmental factors have shaped communities and affected government policies.

Quarter 3 Standards:
  1. 8.SS.C2.01: I can analyze the powers of citizens in a variety of governmental and non-governmental contexts.

  2. 8.SS.C4.03: I can analyze the purpose, process, implementation, and consequences of decision making and public policies in multiple settings and at different levels including the national, state, local (county, city, school board), and tribal. 

  3. 8.SS.C4.04: I can identify, research, analyze, discuss, and defend a position on a national, state, or local public policy issue including an action plan to address or inform others about the issue. 

  4. 8.SS.E1.06: I can analyze the impact of debt on individuals.

  5. 8.SS.E1.08: I can identify ways insurance may minimize personal financial risk. 

  6. 8.SS.E2.01: can explain how economic decisions affect the well-being of individuals, businesses, and society. 

  7. 8.SS.G2.02: I can evaluate how political, social and economic decisions have influenced cultural and environmental characteristics of various places and events over time. 

  8. 8.SS.H2.02: I can compare how conflicts can divide people or bring them together.

Quarter 4 Standards:
  1. 8.SS.E1.07: I can understand several types of financial investments and calculate rates of return. 

  2. 8.SS.E2.02: I can evaluate current economic issues in terms of benefits and costs for distinct groups. 

  3. 8.SS.G2.01: I can examine impact of and responses to environmental issues such as air, water, and land pollution, deforestation, urban sprawl, and changes to climate. 

  4. 8.SS.G3.01: I can evaluate the impact of economic, political, and social decisions that have caused conflict or promoted cooperation throughout time. 

  5. 8.SS.G4.01: I can take an active stance on a geographic issue reflecting its scale (local, regional, state, national, or global).

  6. 8.SS.H3.01: I can explain how and why certain movements have changed the United States during the 20th and 21st centuries. 

  7. 8.SS.H3.02: I can explain how movements, reform efforts, and activists groups have sought to change American society. 

  8. 8.SS.H3.03: I can compare how individual rights, freedoms and responsibilities have changed and grown over time around the world.

  9. 8.SS.H3.04: I can investigate a significant historical topic from US history that has significance to an issue or topic today.


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