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Social Studies

First Grade Social Studies Standards

Quarter 1 Standards: 
  1. G1.3SS.C1.PO1: I can identify national symbols and monuments.

  2. G1.3SS.C1.PO2: I can recognize the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem. 

  3. G1.3SS.C1.PO3: I can help make, vote on, and follow classroom rules to show democracy. 

  4. G1.3SS.C1.PO4: I can recognize how students work together to achieve common goals. 

  5. G1.3SS.C1.PO5: I can discuss the significance of national holidays: Fourth of July, Constitution Day 

  6. G1.3SS.C1.PO6: I can recognize state symbols. 

  7. G1.3SS.C2.PO1: I can identify the President of the United States and the Governor of Arizona. 

  8. G1.3SS.C4.PO1: I can identify examples of responsible citizenship in the school setting and in stories about the past and present.

  9. G1.3SS.C4.PO2: I can explain the rights and responsibilities of citizens.

  10. G1.3SS.C4.PO3: I can discuss the importance of students contributing to a community (e.g., helping others, working together, cleaning up the playground.)

  11. G1.4SS.C1.PO1: I can recognize different types of maps (e.g., political, physical) serve various purposes. 

  12. G1.4SS.C5.PO2: I can identify resources that are renewable, recyclable, and non-renewable.

  13. G1.5SS.C1.PO2: I can recognize that people need to make choices because of limited resources. 

  14. G1.5SS.C1.PO5: I can recognize money. 

Quarter 2 Standards:
  1. G1.1SS.C2.PO1: I can recognize that the development of farming allowed groups of people to settle in one place and develop into cultures/civilizations (e.g., Ancestral Puebloans (Anasazi), Hohokam, Moundbuilders, Aztec, Mayan).

  2. G1.1SS.C2.PO2: I can recognize that settlement led to the development in farming techniques (e.g., irrigation), government, art, architecture, and communication in North America. 

  3. G1.1SS.C3.PO1: I can tell how the Native Americans and Spanish interacted. 

  4. G1.1SS.C3.PO2: I can describe how the Native Americans and Pilgrims interacted. 

  5. G1.1SS.C3.PO3: I can describe how Native Americans and Pilgrims shared ideas, cultures, and goods. 

  6. G1.1SS.C3.PO4: I can compare how people lived in the past and how people live today. I can recognize that the United States began as the Thirteen Colonies ruled by England. 

  7. G1.2SS.C1.PO1: I can put important events in order on a timeline (ongoing objective through Quarter 3). 

  8. G1.3SS.C1.PO5: I can discuss the significance of national holidays: a) Thanksgiving 

  9. G1.4SS.C4.PO2: I can discuss how land in the students’ community is used for industry, housing, business, agriculture, and recreation. 

Quarter 3 Standards:
  1. G1.1SS.C1.PO1: I can put important events in order on a timeline (ongoing objective through Quarter 4). 

  2. G1.1SS.C1.PO2: I can retell stories about past events, people, and places (ongoing objective through Quarter 4). 

  3. G1.1SS.C1.PO3: I can use photos, artifacts, and maps to learn about the past (ongoing objective through Quarter 4). 

  4. G1.1SS.C9.PO1: I can identify people who supported the rights and freedoms of others. 

  5. G1.1SS.C10.PO1: I can discuss current events using written documents, oral presentations, and media. 

  6. G1.3SS.C1.PO5: I can discuss the significance of national holidays: b) Presidents Day 

  7. G1.4SS.C4.PO1: I can tell about the things that make up a culture. 

  8. G1.4SS.C6.PO2: I can discuss geographic concepts related to current events. 

  9. G1.5SS.C1.PO3: I can recognize that some goods are made locally and some are made elsewhere. 

  10. G1.5SS.C1.PO4: I can recognize that people are buyers and sellers of goods and services. 

Quarter 4 Standards:
  1. G1.2SS.C1.PO2: I can retell stories to describe past events, people and places.

  2. G1.2SS.C1.PO3: I can use primary source materials (e.g., photos, artifacts, maps) to study people and events from the past.

  3. G1.2SS.C2.PO1: I can tell how farming helped people to live in one place and build a community. 

  4. G1.2SS.C2.PO2: I can recognize that settlement led to the development of farming techniques (e.g., Nile River, flooding) government (e.g., pharaohs), art/architecture (e.g., pyramids), and writing (e.g., hieroglyphics) in Ancient Egypt which contributed to the advancement of the Ancient Egyptian civilization. 

  5. G1.2SS.C2.PO3: I can recognize that civilizations in the Americas had similar characteristics to the Egyptians.

  6. G1.2SS.C9.PO1: I can use information from written documents, oral presentations, and the media to discuss current events.

  7. G1.4SS.C1.PO1: I can recognize different types of maps (e.g., political, physical) serve various purposes. 

  8. G1.4SS.C1.PO2: I can identify physical features and human features on a map. 

  9. G1.4SS.C1.PO3: I can construct a map of a familiar place (e.g. classroom, bedroom, playground,) that includes a compass rose, symbols, and map key/legend. 

  10. G1.4SS.C1.PO4: I can identify physical features such as continent, ocean, river, lake, mountains, and islands on a map. I can identify human features such as the equator, and North and South poles on a map.

  11. G1.4SS.C1.PO5: I can locate physical and human features using maps, illustrations, images or globes. a.) physical (i.e., continent, ocean, river, lake, mountains, islands) b.) human (i.e., equator, North and South poles, country) 

  12. G1.4SS.C1.PO6: I can find Arizona on a map of the United States. 

  13. G1.4SS.C2.PO1: I can discuss human features (e.g., cities, parks, railroad tracks, hospital, shops, schools) in the world. 

  14. G1.4SS.C2.PO2: I can discuss physical features (e.g., mountains, rivers, deserts) in the world. 

  15. G1.4SS.C2.PO3: I can recognize through images of content studied (e.g., Egypt, Arizona, local community) that places have distinct characteristics. 

  16. G1.4SS.C5.PO1: I can tell how humans adapt to meet the needs of where they live. 

  17. G1.4SS.C6.PO1: I can use geography concepts and skills (e.g., recognizing patterns, mapping, graphing) to find solutions for problems (e.g., trash, leaky faucets, bike paths, traffic patterns) in the local environment.

  18. G1.5SS.C1.PO1: I can tell the differences between needs and wants. 

  19. G1.5SS.C1.PO6: I can recognize that people save money for future good and services. 

  20. G1.5SS.C5.PO1: I can discuss reasons for personal savings.

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