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New Social Studies

Fourth Grade Social Studies Standards

Quarter 1 Standards: 
  1. GAP.G4.1SS.C2.PO2: I can describe the cultures of prehistoric people in the Americas. 

  2. GAP.G4.1SS.C2.PO4: I can identify the Mayan, Aztec and Incan/Inkan empires. 

  3. GAP.G4.1SS.C3.PO1: I can describe the reasons why early Spanish explorers came to Mexico and the Southwest region of the United States.

  4. GAP.G4.1SS.C3.PO2: I can describe how Spanish colonization affected the Southwest. 

  5. GAP.G4.1SS.C5.PO4: I can describe the effects of different cultural groups on the culture of Arizona. 

  6. GAP.G4.1SS.C5.PO5: I can describe the conflicts that happened between Arizona Native Americans and other cultures. 

  7. GAP.G4.1SS.C7.PO1: I can describe how mining, ranching, farming, and dams earn money for Arizona.

  8. GAP.G4.1SS.C7.PO5: I can recognize that Native American communities and reservations were formed in Arizona. 

  9. GAP.G4.3SS.C2.PO1: I can describe the three branches of state and national government. 

  10. GAP.G4.3SS.C2.PO2: I can describe the different levels of government. 

  11. GAP.G4.3SS.C3.PO1: I can describe the responsibilities of the state government.

  12. GAP.G4.3SS.C3.PO2: I can describe the responsibilities of the local government.

  13. 4.SS.C1.01: I can analyze civic virtues and democratic principles within a variety of government structures during the 1600 and 1700’s. 

  14. 4.SS.G2.01: I can compare and contrast different ways people/groups of people have impacted and adapted to the environment of the Americas. 

  15. 4.SS.H1.01: I can compare primary and secondary sources about cultures, civilizations, and innovations in the Americas.

  16. 4.SS.H2.01: I can describe the conflict and compromise that occurred in the Americas before and after the European exploration. 

Quarter 2 Standards:
  1. GAP.G4.4SS.C1.PO7: I can locate physical and human features in Arizona using maps, illustrations and images. 

  2. GAP.G4.4SS.C2.PO3: I can locate the three landform regions of Arizona.

  3. GAP.G4.4SS.C2.PO4: I can compare the landform regions of Arizona using their physical features, plants, and animals.

  4. GAP.G4.4SS.C2.PO5: I can describe how regions and places have unique characteristics.

  5. 4.SS.C2.01: I can generate questions about the concepts and ideas of individual rights, roles, and responsibilities.

  6. 4.SS.E2.01: I can examine concepts of scarcity, choice, opportunity cost, and risk.

  7. 4.SS.E3.01: I can compare different industries, occupations, and resources that have shaped the American.

  8. 4.SS.H2.02: I can analyze the different approaches used by Spanish, Portuguese, British, and French interactions with the American Indians.

Quarter 3 Standards:
  1. GAP.G4.1SS.C5.PO1: I can recognize that the governance of the Southwest changed because of the Mexican Revolution. 

  2. GAP.G4.1SS.C5.PO3: I can describe the events that led to Arizona becoming a territory of the United States. 

  3. GAP.G4.3SS.C1.PO3: I can describe how Arizona changed from a territory to a state.

  4. 4.SS.G1.01: I can analyze and construct maps and graphs to represent changes in the Americas over time. 

  5. 4.SS.G3.01: I can draw conclusions about how the location and the use of resources affected human settlement and movement.

  6. 4.SS.G4.01: I can explain positive and negative effects of increasing economic interdependence on distinct groups, countries, and new settlements. 

Quarter 4 Standards:
  1. 4.SS.H3.01 I can examine how economic, political, and religious ideas and institutions have influenced the development of individual rights and responsibilities in the Americas.


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