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Freshman Physics

Freshman Physics

Quarter 1 Standards: 
  1. 9.RST.04: I can determine what symbols, key terms, words, and phrases mean after reading a text.

  2. HS.1S.C1.PO3: I can formulate a testable hypothesis. 

  3. HS.1S.C2.PO3: I can design a written plan of action for testing a hypothesis. 

  4. HS.1S.C2.PO4: I can perform a planned experiment.

  5. HS.1S.C3.PO2: I can determine if data supports a hypothesis. 

  6. HS.1S.C3.PO6: I can analyze data using statistics. 

  7. HS.1S.C4.PO2: I can produce graphs to communicate data.

  8. HS.1S.C4.PO4: I can support my conclusion with scientific arguments. 

  9. HS.4M.C4.PO1: I can use dimensional analysis to keep track of units of measure when converting. 

Quarter 2 Standards:
  1. 9.RST.01: I can read a science text and cite evidence to make a conclusion.

  2. 9.RST.07: I can translate information between mathematical, written, and graphic forms. 

  3. HS.5S.C2.PO1: I can describe how things change over time. 

  4. HS.5S.C2.PO14: I can discover the Law of Conservation of Momentum. 

  5. HS.5S.C2.PO2A: I can analyze how position and velocity relate. 

  6. HS.5S.C2.PO2B: I can analyze how acceleration and time relate. 

  7. HS.5S.C2.PO3: I can discover Newtons 1st Law of Motion. 

  8. HS.5S.C2.PO4: I can use Newtons 2nd Law of Motion to describe forces. 

  9. HS.5S.C2.PO5: I can discover the law of action and reaction. 

  10. HS.5S.C2.PO6: I can use vectors to describe two dimensional motion.

Quarter 3 Standards:
  1. 9.RST.08: I can evaluate the author’s claim based on the data presented in the text. 

  2. HS.5S.C3.PO1: I can describe how energy is stored in a system in various ways. 

  3. HS.5S.C3.PO3: I can discover the law of conservation of energy.

  4. HS.5S.C5.PO1: I can explore how energy and matter interact.

  5. HS.5S.C5.PO2: I can describe the characteristics of waves. 

Quarter 4 Standards:
  1. HS.5S.C1.PO6: I can describe what are chemical bonds. 

  2. HS.5S.C3.PO6: I can distinguish between heat and temperature. 

  3. HS.5S.C5.PO4: I can describe kinetic theory. 

  4. HS.5S.C5.PO9: I can quantify how electricity does work.

Yearly Standards (taught throughout the school year):
  1. HS.2S.C1.PO2: I can describe how diverse people contributed to science.

  2. HS.2S.C2.PO2: I can explain how scientific knowledge evolves.

  3. HS.2S.C2.PO4: I can describe how scientists continue to advance scientific knowledge.

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