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Government Standards

Semester 1 Standards: 
  1. 12.RH.03: I will be able to compare and contrast alternative perspectives on current political issues. 

  2. 12.RH.04: I will be able to interpret the original intent of Founding Fathers writing.

  3. 12.RH.08: I will be able to identify an authors position and research supporting and opposing evidence. 

  4. HS.3SS.C2.PO5: a. I will be able to identify the powers of Congress and give examples of Congress using these powers. b. I will evaluate the importance of political parties in legislators’ decision-making processes. c. I will explain how a bill becomes a law. d. I will compare the House of Representatives and the Senate. e. I will evaluate how representing an entire state versus one district can affect legislative decision-making and elections. f. I will explain how legislative staff, lobbyists, interest groups, and campaign spending influences Congress members in their decisions.

  5. HS.3SS.C2.PO6: ab. I will explain the formal and informal powers of the president and also the roles the president plays domestically and with regards to foreign policy. c. I will explain the purpose of the Cabinet and the Federal Bureaucracy, as well as common criticisms of each. d. I will explain how the President is nominated and elected in the United States.

  6. HS.3SS.C2.PO7: a. I will explain judicial review and the process by which cases move through the federal court system. b. I will be able to describe accurately the sequence of events that led to a Supreme Court Case, the key rulings of the case, and also the impact of and reactions to this case. c. I will explain how a case moves through the state and federal court systems.

  7. HS.3SS.C2.PO8: I will explain the difference between an initiative, referendum and & recall on the Arizona ballot and how they make democracy more direct in our state.

  8. HS.3SS.C2.PO9: I will explain how city government is organized in terms of the branches of government and which positions are elected by the public and which are appointed.

  9. HS.3SS.C3.PO1: I can analyze the functions of government as defined in the Preamble to the Constitution.

  10. HS.3SS.C4.PO3: I will be able to explain what a government does for its citizens and what its citizens must do in return and why. 

  11. HS.4SS.C4.PO1: I will understand the impact that population growth, and demographic measurements such as birth/death rates and life expectancy have on the economy and general quality of life in a nation.

  12. HS.5SS.C4.PO1: I can analyze the similarities and differences among economic systems.

Semester 2 Standards:

* Note: Some Semester 1 standards role over into the beginning of Semester 2

  1. HS.3SS.C3.PO3: I can examine various sources of government funding. 

  2. HS.3SS.C4.PO1: I can analyze basic individual rights and freedoms guaranteed by Amendments and laws.

  3. HS.3SS.C5.PO2: I can describe factors (e.g., trade, political tensions, sanctions, terrorism) that influence United States foreign policy. 

  4. HS.3SS.C5.PO3: I can describe world governmental and non-governmental organizations (e.g., the United Nations and its agencies, NATO, the European Union, the International Red Cross).

  5. HS.5SS.C2.PO3: I can describe how government policies influence the economy.

  6. HS.5SS.C3.PO4: I will explain how taxing and the federal budget affects unemployment and the value of the American dollar.

  7. HS.5SS.C3.PO5: I can describe the role of monetary policy and how it influences our economy. 

  8. HS.5SS.C3.PO6: I can explain the effects of changes in monetary policy on Americans’ daily lives.

  9. HS.5SS.C4.PO2: I can describe the effects of international trade on the United States and other nations. 

Yearly Standards (taught throughout the school year):
  1. HS.3SS.C4.PO5: I can describe the role and influence of political parties, interest groups, and mass media.

  2. HS.3SS.C5.PO1: I can compare the United States system of politics and government to other systems of the world (e.g., monarchies, dictatorship, theocracy, oligarchy, parliamentary, unitary, proportional elections).

  3. HS.4SS.C1.PO3: I can use appropriate maps and other graphic representations to analyze geographic problems and changes over time.

  4. HS.4SS.C4.PO3: I can analyze the effects of migration on places of origin and destination including border areas.

  5. HS.4SS.C4.PO4: I will understand the role of globalization in the exchange of ideas, goods, and capital and its role in creating social challenges.

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