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US History

US History Standards

Quarter 1 Standards: 
  1. 11.RH.09: I can find integrate information from diverse sources.

  2. HS.1SS.C1.PO1: I can interpret historical data displayed in graphs, tables, charts, and geologic time scales.

  3. HS.1SS.C1.PO2: I can distinguish among dating methods that yield calendar ages (e.g., dendrochronology), numerical ages (e.g., radiocarbon), correlated ages (e.g., volcanic ash), and related ages (e.g., geologic time).

  4. HS.1SS.C1.PO3: I can formulate questions that can be answered by historical study and research. 

  5. HS.1SS.C1.PO4: I can construct graphs, tables, timelines, charts and narratives to interpret historical data.

  6. HS.1SS.C3.PO2: I can explain several reasons why Europeans colonized America. 

  7. HS.1SS.C3.PO3: I can compare and contrast the characteristics of the New England, Middle and Southern colonies. 

  8. HS.1SS.C4.PO1: I can explain the political, social, and economic causes of the American Revolution. 

  9. HS.1SS.C4.PO3: I can analyze the importance of events and battles during the American Revolutionary War. 

  10. HS.1SS.C4.PO4: I can describe how the national government was created and explain the difficulties the founding fathers faced throughout the process. 

  11. HS.1SS.C4.PO5: I can examine the importance of new developments of the government including the presidency, political parties, and the Supreme Court. 

  12. HS.1SS.C5.PO1: I can trace the growth of the US during westward expansion and connect each US territory acquired to historical events. 

  13. HS.1SS.C5.PO5: I can explain how new developments during the Industrial Revolution impacted the United States.

  14. HS.1SS.C6.PO1: I can explain the social, political, and economic causes of the Civil War and the differences between the North and the South. 

Quarter 2 Standards:
  1. 11.RH.02: I can find and analyze primary and secondary sources and create a summary that identifies key details and ideas.

  2. HS.1SS.C6.PO2: I can analyze several aspects of the Civil War such as the effects of technology and resources, important battles and leaders, and the impacts on civilians. 

  3. HS.1SS.C6.PO3: I can examine the short and long term effects of Reconstruction in the US after the Civil War. 

  4. HS.1SS.C7.PO1: I can analyze how the following aspects of industrialization transformed the American economy beginning in the late 19th century: a. mass production b. monopolies and trusts (e.g., Robber Barons, Taft-Hartley Act) c. economic philosophies (e.g., laissez faire, Social Darwinism, free silver) d. labor movement (e.g., Bisbee Deportation) e. trade (Month 5)

  5. HS.1SS.C7.PO2: I can assess how many aspects of American society changed by the early 20th century.

  6. HS.1SS.C7.PO3: I can evaluate how key events transformed the US during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Quarter 3 Standards:
  1. 11.RH.05: I can analyze how primary sources are structured.

  2. HS.1SS.C7.PO3: I can analyze the Indian Wars of the early 19th and 20th centuries (Little Bighorn, Wounded Knee). I can examine how imperialism transformed the United States into a global power (e.g., Spanish American War, annexation of Hawaii, Philippine-American War). I can evaluate how the progressive movement let to social and political change (Sixteenth through Nineteenth Amendments, child labor). I can identify the impact of the Teddy Roosevelt presidency on the American society (conservationism, Panama Canal, national parks, trust banking). I can analyze the effects of corruption in American politics (Tammany Hall, spoils system). I can analyze the world events leading up to the United States entering World War I and what eventually led to the end of the first world war (League of Nations, Isolationism). I can evaluate what led America into experiencing the fear of the Red Scare and how Socialism impacted the world events. 

  3. HS.1SS.C8.PO1: I can explain how the Great Depression started and how it affected people across the United States.

  4. HS.1SS.C8.PO2: I can describe how WWII impacted the American economy, women, minorities, and society. 

Quarter 4 Standards:
  1. HS.1SS.C9.PO1: I can evaluate how US foreign, economic, and political policies were impacted by the Cold War. 

  2. HS.1SS.C9.PO2: I can evaluate the domestic policies in the US after WWII.

  3. HS.1SS.C9.PO3: I can evaluate the changes in American society after WWII. 

Yearly Standards (taught throughout the school year):
  1. 11.RH.10: I can independently and proficiently read and comprehend history/ social studies text in the 12th grade level.

  2. HS.4SS.C2.PO4: I can differentiate between political, religious, economic, demographic, and historical ways of viewing places.

  3. HS.4SS.C4.PO1: I can interpret population growth and demographic information.

  4. HS.4SS.C4.PO3: I can analyze the effects of migration on places of origin and destination.

  5. HS.4SS.C4.PO5: I can understand the changing nature of cities and analyze the causes and effects of growth and development.

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