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Bed Time Routines

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Chivonne Pierotti, Vail Inclusive Preschool


Bedtime routines can be hard for many families with preschool age children. I found it helpful to start a routine as soon as I could with my children. It is important to try to stick to it as much as you can. Consistency is key! Establishing a routine and staying with that routine is important for your children and getting the proper amount of sleep. When my children were younger, I liked having a nice visual chart for my children to look at and check off each night. There are so many wonderful free printable charts online or be creative and make your own that fits your family. Hang the chart where your child can look at it and either check off the boxes or put a sticker on it. If your child is a little more difficult with establishing a bedtime routine, maybe an incentive would help. It could be anything from an extra story at bedtime, a special treat, a special date with mom or dad to the zoo for example, or whatever motivates your child. Here are some examples of free printable charts I found online. I personally liked and used something similar to the first chart. That way your child can check off, put a sticker, or color in the box for each task completed. They get a sense of pride and accomplishment when they complete it. 

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