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  • 1. CARD, Center For Autism and Related Disorders
  • by: Chivonne Pierotti, Vail Inclusive Preschool

    CARD, Center For Autism & Related Disorders https://www.centerforautism.com/

    The world’s largest autism treatment provider. They provide resources to assist families with understanding autism spectrum disorder

    1200 N El Dorado Pl G700, Tucson, AZ 85715

    (520) 526-0050

  • 2. Children’s Clinics for Rehabilitation Services Cubs Adaptive Recreation
  • by: Chivonne Pierotti, Vail Inclusive Preschool


    Athletes will learn the fundamental skills of each sport with a coach leading the practices and a physical therapist present to adapt the sport. They rely on volunteers and aim to have one-on-one support for each athlete. There are sports available for all...Read More...

  • 3. Helpful Articles for Helping Children With Anxiety
  • by: Chivonne Pierotti, Vail Inclusive Preschool

    Here are helpful articles for parents helping their child(ren) with anxiety they may feel when separating from their parent or caregiver:



  • 4. Helpful Parent Resources
  • by: Helpful Parent Resources
  • 5. Helpful Resource for Parents
  • by: Lannie Heidingsfelder, Vail Inclusive Preschool

    Here is a helpful resource I have found for parents of children with disabilities.


    Services that are offered include: 

    • Assistance and support at all ages and stages of your child's development from birth to age 26.

      ...

  • 6. Hopebridge
  • by: Chivonne Pierotti, Vail Inclusive Preschool

    New Tucson East Autism Therapy Center: Hopebridge uses a center-based therapy program focused on providing early intensive behavioral intervention from 15 months to 7 years of age to introduce children to new environments and experiences. 

    Hopebridge, Autism Therapy Centers https://www.hopebridge.com/

    9302 E. 22nd Street, Tucson, AZ...

  • 7. Parent Friendly Website
  • by: Chivonne Pierotti, Vail Inclusive Preschool

    If you are concerned with your child’s development you can take a two-minute screening questionnaire. There are nice resources on this website about Autism as well. 


  • 8. Social Skills Development
  • by: Sari Nieminen, Vail Inclusive Preschool

    Social skills are essential in enabling children to have and maintain positive interactions with others. Sometimes social interactions do not run smoothly with young developing children. Fortunately, social skills can be taught! It is never too soon to start showing children how to get along with...Read More...

  • 9. Woodbine House - Helpful Website
  • by: Sari Nieminen, Vail Inclusive Preschool

    The word disability can sometimes be confusing to a child. Literature helps children understand real-life situations in their own language. Here are some books you may find helpful when talking to your child:



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