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Helpful Resource for Parents

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Lannie Heidingsfelder, Vail Inclusive Preschool


Here is a helpful resource I have found for parents of children with disabilities.


Services that are offered include: 

  • Assistance and support at all ages and stages of your child's development from birth to age 26.

  • Individual problem-solving support to understand and access the programs, health plans, and services your child may need.

  • Accurate, authoritative information related to your child's disability or special health condition.

  • Special education consultations, training, and problem-resolution.

  • Parent-to-parent connections with a trained parent "mentor" who has a child with a similar diagnosis and is skilled at providing information and support.

  • Workshops and training geared to increase advocacy skills, and improve your ability to work with professionals on your child's educational and medical needs.

  • Referrals to agencies, organizations, and community resources with expertise to meet your family needs.

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