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Useful Web Links

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Parents, these sites are free to use, or have at least some free options. Some may require creating a free account. Once you know the name of the standard your child is working on, try searching within the site for that standard. 

ReadWorks - thousands of free reading passages. You can sort by grade, topic, difficulty and more. Create a free account in the upper right corner. Mood and Tone: a list of words to use when describing mood and tone - descriptive words to pump up the quality of writing. Biology Corner - a very detailed source for Biology resources. Mostly high school level, but useful in middle school as well. 
Khan Academy - instructional videos on many standards. Search by subject and standard. History.com - a great source for Social Studies resources, documents, and video clips. Teachers Pay Teachers - many of these resources require purchase, but some are free to download and use.
The Science Spot - many resources based on science. Searchable by topic and subject. Text structures: types, outlines, and examples - very useful guidelines on writing and types of writing.  Purple Math - informative explanations of many math topics. Searchable by content and standard.
Parts of Speech - a good ELA resource based on parts of speech. YouTube - try searching for a specific topic, such as "how to add fractions". NewsELA - student-friendly articles based on news and current events.
LearnZillion - many resources for students and parents in grades 3-9, ELA and Math. Common Lit - many reading resources based on all content areas. Searchable by topic and subject.

ReadWriteThink - a very powerful website for ELA standards and practice.

Math Antics - a YouTube channel with great math how-to videos.  Educator.com - many of these resources require a paid subscription, but some are free to view. Good section on AP classes.

Big History Project - a comprehensive "history of the universe" project.

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