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Beyond Textbooks



"Your guidance, patience with answering questions, and professionalism in ALL you do is noted and greatly appreciated. Your customer service is simply top-notch.  I learn something new every time I'm doing something with Vail. Thank you just doesn't really summarize how I feel. We look forward to our continuing partnership."

- Terri Romo, Assistant Superintendent

The effort and expertise were evident in each and every training. Every single professional development that we have collaborated on has set the bar for all our local designed supports to achieve."

- Sarka White, Director of Professional Development and Assessment

I think you folks are doing more to facilitate quality education in Arizona's schools than any other initiative the state has experienced in the last decade."

- Riley Frei, Superintendent

"The program is well constructed and if followed with integrity will yield results. We have experienced good results. It is and will continue to be the backbone of our curriculum."

- David Woodall, Superintendent

"I love it. BT makes planning so much easier."

- Melissa Myers, Teacher

"I have been so impressed with the responses from BT since we joined the program. You pay so much attention to detail and give such quality feedback to everyone, it is extremely refreshing."

- Sheryl Roberge, Teacher

"Thank you for the training. It was one of the best trainings I have ever attended. This stuff is powerful, and if properly implemented, can really move our kids forward."

- LeRoy Shontz, Principal

"I was very impressed with the organization and thought put into this program. This is one of the most "common sense" approaches in education that I have seen in a long time."

- Robbie Koerperich, Superintendent

"Benson Primary School would like to say thank you to the BT team. We are so excited about the positive year we have experienced. From National Blue Ribbon to Title One High Performing Reward School, and now A+..what a year! We appreciate your support. Again, thank you for all that you do."

-Jomel Jansson, Principal

"BT is coming along was the best move we made."

-Sue Shepard, Superintendent

"Once we implemented BT, we received our highest school label ever."

-Joe Jacobo, Principal

"We have seen tremendous success since we implemented BT."

-Howard Carlson, Superintendent

"Our district was only one point away from having an 'A' rating from the state. Our high school jumped from a 'D' to a 'B.' Though school improvement is always a combination of factors, we feel that BT was responsible for a high percentage of our success."

-Seth Staples, Superintendent

"Huge gains in some grades and gains in all grades. Thanks in part to you, your great staff, and BT. Wow, I am so pleased!"

-Steve Poling, Superintendent

"Just watched the latest BT webinar! Thank you for the motivation to finish the last lap on a strong note. Can't wait to bring some great ideas to the table to continue increasing student achievement."

-Jennifer Morales, Principal

"I am always so impressed by your knowledge, leadership, and professionalism. You have perfected the 'push-pull' balance in working with teams."

-Lupita Hightower, Superintendent

"The professionalism of the BT staff continues to amaze me. I felt that the professional development was very clear, organized and that your pacing was great. Thank you for the opportunity to be a partner in learning."

-Tom Fletcher, Principal

"I want to thank you for the help in getting our school out of ADE school improvement. BT is a big component of our school improvement plan and I know it played a significant role in getting us out of the ADE School Improvement Label. We will celebrate this success and continue to focus on improvement and making our schools more effective for students."

-Jeff Gregorich, Superintendent

"I honestly feel that Beyond Textbooks has helped us to achieve that level for our school. It has been a wonderful experience."

-Tina Anderson, Principal

"I love Beyond Textbooks! I created a PowerPoint last year when we had zero resources to teach Euler paths and circuits. Now we have so many resources to teach that concept thanks to Beyond Textbooks. When I taught that concept this year my class was begging me for more practice. They blew the DFA out of the water.....the scores were so high! This is the first year that I feel very confident in my teaching and knowing that my class will do awesome! I have been teaching for 7 years now so for me to finally be able to say that is a relief. Thank you very much!!"

-Anycia Klindt, Teacher

"Teachers generally believe that BT has simplified their job in some ways, but also has made them work harder as they realize now exactly what needs to be done for each child."

-Doug Watson, Superintendent

"I wanted to thank you for the influence Beyond Textbooks and your leadership has had on my professional growth and understanding of curriculum and instruction. I would not have the same level of understanding or ability to apply instruction frameworks without your example."

-Delia McCraley, Principal

"I just wanted to say a special thank you to all of you for a wonderful professional development session!  I came away understanding so much more about BT, and how using it with fidelity can help raise student achievement within a school and across a district.  I am so excited to be able to support teachers in their use of BT and its various components. I also wanted to congratulate you all for your exemplary skills as presenters.  As a member of our district's professional development team, I have a great appreciation for how much hard work and dedication it takes to deliver a highly effective, well-polished, and engaging training session.  From the moment I entered the building, I knew I was in a special place filled with highly professional educators who know how to provide top quality customer service and first-rate training."

-Jan Spooner, Assistant Principal

"Your BT team members were all top-notch professionals in every aspect. Their outgoing personalities, their ability to quickly develop collaborative relationships, their genuine interest in learning about our teachers and schools, their humbleness about Vail's academic successes, and their patience in answering questions and addressing concerns were unequaled by any other visiting educators."

-Roger Jacks, Superintendent




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