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Beyond Textbooks

Approaches to Learning

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Quarter 1 Standards

  1. AL.CR.C1a: I can tell what I want, think, and need. 

  2. AL.CR.C1c: I can try something when I am not sure what will happen. 

  3. AL.IC.C1a: I can join in or ask to do things with people. 

  4. AL.IC.C2a: I can try new things. 

  5. AL.IC.C2b: I can ask or tell about people. 

  6. AL.IC.C2c: I can ask questions. 

  7. AL.RPS.C2b: I can ask a grown-up for help to fix a problem. 

Quarter 2 Standards

  1. AL.AP.C1a: I can keep doing an activity. 

  2. AL.AP.C1c: I can come back to an activity. 

  3. AL.AP.C2b: I can solve problems when frustrated or sad. 

  4. AL.CR.C1b: I can do things without help. 

  5. AL.CR.C1d: I can keep trying when tasks get hard. 

  6. AL.IC.C1b: I can do things on my own. 

  7. AL.RPS.C1c: I can see how new things I learn connect to what I already know. 

Quarter 3 Standards

  1. AL.AP.C2a: I can keep trying an activity until I reach my goal. 

  2. AL.C.C1b: I can be curious about what other people say and do. 

  3. AL.RPS.C1b: I can see that an action can make something else happen.

  4. AL.RPS.C2a: I can figure out what I need.

Quarter 4 Standards

  1. AL.AP.C1b: I can ignore distractions when I am engaged. 

  2. AL.AP.C2c: I can make my plan and try it. 

  3. AL.C.C1a: I can use my imagination. 

  4. AL.C.C1c: I can pretend with my peers when I play. 

  5. AL.IC.C1c: I can show flexibility and imagination in my thinking. 

  6. AL.RPS.C1a: I can tell something happened and why. 

  7. AL.RPS.C2c: I can decide which solution to try. 

  8. AL.RPS.C2d: I can see if the solution worked. 


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