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Physical Development/Health and Safety

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Quarter 1 Standards

  1. PDHS.FMD.C2a: I can use my hands to work with tools.

  2. PDHS.FMD.C2b: I can use my hands and eyes together.

  3. PDHS.GMD.C1a: I can balance when I move. 

  4. PDHS.GMD.C1b: I can control how my body moves.

  5. PDHS.H.C1a: I can tell you how to not spread germs. 

  6. PDHS.H.C1b1: I can talk/share about healthy foods. 

  7. PDHS.S.C1a: I can follow safety expectations with help.

  8. PDHS.S.C1f: I can follow emergency plans.

Quarter 2 Standards

  1. PDHS.GMD.C1c: I can make different parts of my body move together. 

  2. PDHS.H.C1d: I can tell you what my body does or needs. 

  3. PDHS.H.C1e: I can tell you what my body parts do. 

Quarter 3 Standards

  1. PDHS.FMD.C2c: I can use small objects and tools with my wrists and hands. 

  2. PDHS.GMD.C1d: I can make my body move in controlled ways. 

  3. PDHS.H.C1c: I can tell you how to take care of my teeth. 

  4. PDHS.S.C1b: I can identify basic signs and symbols. 

  5. PDHS.S.C1h: I can tell who keeps me safe and how they keep me safe. 

  6. PDHS.S.C1g: I can tell an adult if I am hurt or in trouble. 

Quarter 4 Standards

  1. PDHS.S.C1c: I can stay safe in the car and on the street. 

  2. PDHS.S.C1d: I can tell others to leave me alone.

Yearly Standards (taught throughout the year):

  1. PDHS.FMD.C2d (Yearly): I can do things for myself.

  2. PDHS.H.C1b2 (Yearly): I can make healthy food choices.

  3. PDHS.S.C1e (Yearly): I can tell my first and last name.

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