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Beyond Textbooks

Social Studies

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Quarter 1 Standards

  1. 2.SS.C2.01: I can describe the roles and responsibilities of people in authority within our country and world.

  2. 2.SS.C2.02: I can explain how all people, not just official leaders, play important roles in the world. 

  3. 2.SS.C4.01: I can explain how people work together to identify and solve problems within our world. 

  4. 2.SS.C4.02I can explain how rules function in public settings.

  5. 2.SS.G1.01ab: I can recognize physical and human features on a map. 

  6. 2.SS.G1.02: I can explain cultural and environmental characteristics of places using maps.

Quarter 2 Standards

  1. 2.SS.E1.02: I can describe reasons to save or spend money.

  2. 2.SS.E3.01: I can identify and describe goods and services that are produced and used around the world.         

  3. 2.SS.G2.01: I can explain how weather, climate, and environmental characteristic affect people’s lives.

  4. 2.SS.G2.02: I can describe how human activities affect the communities and the environment of places or regions.

  5. 2.SS.G2.03I can describe the positive and negative effects of using natural resources. 

  6. 2.SS.G3.01: I can explain why and how people, goods, and ideas move from place to place.

  7. 2.SS.G4.01: I can identify different physical and cultural regions in the world. 

Quarter 3 Standards

  1. 2.SS.E1.01I can identify different occupations and skills needed in a global economy.  

  2. 2.SS.E3.02I can explain how people around the world earn income.

  3. 2.SS.E3.03: I can explain how people can be producers and consumers in a global economy. 

  4. 2.SS.E4.01: I can describe public services that governments provide to help citizens.

  5. 2.SS.E5.01: I can recognize what natural and capital resources are and how they are produced and traded.

Quarter 4 Standards

  1. 2.SS.H1.02I can compare/contrast how civilizations and/or cultures have changed over time. 

  2. 2.SS.H1.03: I can examine developments from the civilization and/or culture in place or region studied. 

  3. 2.SS.H3.01I can ask and answer questions about the institutions and belief systems of different societies. 

Yearly Standards (taught throughout the school year)

  1. 2.SS.H1.01I can explain how individuals can make a difference in their country or in the world.


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