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Social Studies

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Quarter 1 Standards

  1. 3.SS.C1.02: I can use listening, consensus-building, and voting procedures to problem solve in the classroom.

  2. 3.SS.E1.01: I can describe the different industries and occupations that have shaped Arizona.

  3. 3.SS.E1.02: I can identify various forms of earning income in the state of Arizona.

  4. 3.SS.E1.03: I can identify positive and negative incentives that influence financial decisions people make to save and spend money.

  5. 3.SS.E2.01: I can explain how availability of resources affects decision making in Arizona.

  6. 3.SS.E2.02: I can describe how Arizona is connected to other states and nations by movement of people, goods, and ideas (information).

  7. 3.SS.G1.01ab: I can use and construct maps and graphs to represent changes in Arizona over time.

  8. 3.SS.H3.02: I can identify primary and secondary sources to analyze the changes in Arizona.

Quarter 2 Standards

  1. 3.SS.G1.01c: I can use and construct maps and graphs to locate the distinct physical and cultural characteristics of Arizona.

  2. 3.SS.G2.01: I can explain how people modify and adapt to the Arizona environment. 

  3. 3.SS.G3.01: I can describe the movement of people in and out of Arizona over time.

  4. 3.SS.G4.01: I can describe how Arizona has changed over time (geographical reasoning). 

  5. 3.SS.H1.01ab: I can identify and explain the cultures, civilization, and innovations in Arizona’s history. 

Quarter 3 Standards

  1. 3.SS.H1.01c: I can describe key events in Arizona’s history.

  2. 3.SS.H1.01d: I can utilize a variety of sources to construct a historical narrative exploring Arizona’s cultures, civilizations, and innovations. (d) Influential individuals and groups in the history and development of Arizona.

  3. 3.SS.H2.01: I can use primary and secondary sources to generate questions about the causes and effects of conflicts and resolutions throughout Arizona’s history.

  4. 3.SS.H2.02: I can examine how individuals and groups have worked together throughout Arizona’s history.

  5. 3.SS.H3.01: I can evaluate how individual rights, freedoms, and responsibilities can vary based on community, state, and nations.

Quarter 4 Standards

  1.  3.SS.C1.01: I can describe civic virtues and democratic principles within a variety of government structures, societies, and/or communities within Arizona. • Key concepts include but are not limited to respecting the rights of others, helping to promote the common good, and participating in government.

  2. 3.SS.C3.01a: I can describe the differences between the roles and responsibilities of state and national government.

  3. 3.SS.C3.01b: I can describe the differences between the roles and responsibilities of state and local government.

  4. 3.SS.C3.01c: I can describe the origins, functions, and structure of the Arizona Constitution, local governments, and tribal governments.

  5. 3.SS.C3.02: I can describe ways in which people benefit from and are challenged by working together, including through families, school, workplaces, voluntary organizations, and government. c) Key concepts for Tribal governments include but are not limited to distinguishing between national, state, local, and tribal governments. understanding the services provided by tribal governments, their organization, and how leaders are chosen.


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