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Beyond Textbooks

Social Studies

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Quarter 1 Standards

  1. 4.SS.C1.01: I can analyze civic virtues and democratic principles within a variety of government structures during the 1600 and 1700’s. 

  2. 4.SS.G2.01I can compare and contrast different ways people/groups of people have impacted and adapted to the environment of the Americas. 

  3. 4.SS.H1.01I can compare primary and secondary sources about cultures, civilizations, and innovations in the Americas.

  4. 4.SS.H2.01I can describe the conflict and compromise that occurred in the Americas before and after the European exploration. 

Quarter 2 Standards

  1. 4.SS.C2.01: I can generate questions about the concepts and ideas of individual rights, roles, and responsibilities.

  2. 4.SS.E2.01: I can examine concepts of scarcity, choice, opportunity cost, and risk.

  3. 4.SS.E3.01: I can compare different industries, occupations, and resources that have shaped the Americas.

  4. 4.SS.H2.02: I can analyze the different approaches used by Spanish, Portuguese, British, and French interactions with the American Indians.

Quarter 3 Standards

  1. 4.SS.G1.01: I can analyze and construct maps and graphs to represent changes in the Americas over time. 

  2. 4.SS.G3.01: I can draw conclusions about how the location and the use of resources affected human settlement and movement.

  3. 4.SS.G4.01: I can explain positive and negative effects of increasing economic interdependence on distinct groups, countries, and new settlements. 

Quarter 4 Standards

  1. 4.SS.H3.01 I can examine how economic, political, and religious ideas and institutions have influenced the development of individual rights and responsibilities in the Americas.


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