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(Note: Standards are calendared in two-semester blocks - Fall and Spring - & repeat each semester)

Quarter 1 and 3 Standards

  1. HS.SS.E2.01: I can explain how scarcity effects economic decisions, and evaluate the impact of scarcity on individuals, institutions, and societies.

  2. HS.SS.E2.02: I can explain how incentives impact choices for individuals, institutions and society.  

  3. HS.SS.E2.03: I can use cost-benefit analysis and/or marginal analysis to evaluate an economic issue.

  4. HS.SS.E3.01: I can explain how buyers and sellers interact to create markets and market structures. 

  5. HS.SS.E3.02: I can evaluate how numerous factors and conditions influence market prices.

  6. HS.SS.E3.03: I can evaluate the role of government in regulating market places.

  7. HS.SS.E3.04: I can explain the distinct types of business organizations and analyze the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in a market economy. 

  8. HS.SS.G4.01: I can take an active stance on a geographic issue reflecting its scale.

Quarter 2 and 4 Standards

  1. HS.SS.E1.01: I can evaluate how and why people make choices to improve their economic well-being.

  2. HS.SS.E1.02: I can analyze the factors that influence how and why people make budgeting and saving choices. 

  3. HS.SS.E1.03: I can evaluate the cost and benefits of using credit. 

  4. HS.SS.E1.04: I can compare the costs and benefits of several types of investments.

  5. HS.SS.E1.05: I can evaluate the ways insurance may minimize personal financial risk. 

  6. HS.SS.E4.01: I can use economic data to analyze the health of a national economy.

  7. HS.SS.E4.02: I can evaluate the economic conditions that lead to fiscal and monetary policy choices and explain their impact on households and businesses. 

  8. HS.SS.E4.03: I can explain how institutions work in a market economy.

  9. HS.SS.E4.04: I can explain how human capital (new technologies and training) and resources have an effect on economic growth and standards of living.

  10. HS.SS.E5.01: I can evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of global trade. 

  11. HS.SS.E5.02: I can evaluate how interdependence impacts individuals, institutions, and societies.

  12. HS.SS.E5.03: I can explain why nations choose to trade and how trade is regulated. 

  13. HS.SS.E5.04: I can explain how national economies influence trade.

  14. HS.SS.G4.02: I can analyze patterns of global power and influence in respect to trade, demographics, politics, and resource availability and use.

  15. HS.SS.G4.03: I can analyze patterns of interdependence.

Yearly Standards (taught throughout the school year)

  1. HS.SS.G3.02I can evaluate the impact of economic activities and political decisions on spatial patterns within and among urban, suburban, and rural regions.


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