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Beyond Textbooks

Language and Literacy

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Quarter 1 Standards

  1. LL.EL.C1a: I can tell that signs mean something. 

  2. LL.EL.C1b: I understand that words have meaning. 

  3. LL.EL.C1d: I can find my name and the names of my family and friends 

  4. LL.EL.C2c: I can tell the book has a name and someone wrote and drew the pictures in the book. 

  5. LL.EL.C3a: I can tell which sounds are the same and different.

  6. LL.EL.C4b: I can tell that letters are the same and different.

  7. LL.EL.C5f: I can tell if I like or don't like a story.

  8. LL.L.C1a: I can pay attention to songs, stories, and words. 

  9. LL.L.C1b: I can join songs, rhymes, or short poems. 

  10. LL.L.C1c: I can follow directions. 

  11. LL.L.C2c: I can answer people.

  12. LL.L.C2f: I can take turns talking and be a good listener.

  13. LL.L.C3c: I can name things that belong together.

Quarter 2 Standards

  1. LL.EL.C1d: I can find my name and the names of my family and friends. 

  2. LL.EL.C4b: I can tell that letters are the same and different.

  3. LL.EL.C5a: I can look at books and listen to stories

  4. LL.EL.C5b: I can tell who is in a book and what happened.

  5. LL.EL.C5e: I can tell you what happened in a story and make a prediction about what happens next.

  6. LL.EL.C5g: I can tell if a book is real or pretend. 

  7. LL.EL.C5h: I can tell what a book is about.

  8. LL.EW.C1b: I can draw or write to show what I know. 

  9. LL.EW.C1c: I can tell an adult what I want written down on paper. 

  10. LL.EW.C1e: I can write left to right. 

Quarter 3 Standards

  1. LL.EL.C3d: I can tell when words begin with the same sound. 

  2. LL.EW.C1d: I can write my name. 

  3. LL.L.C3d: I can show and tell where things are.

Quarter 4 Standards

  1. LL.EL.C1c: I can tell that letters make words. 

  2. LL.EL.C1e: I can get information from pictures and words.

  3. LL.EL.C3b: I can tell when words rhyme. 

  4. LL.EL.C3c: I can tell words that rhyme. 

  5. LL.EL.C3e: I can hear and identify separate words when spoken. 

  6. LL.EL.C3f: I can show the syllables of a word. 

  7. LL.EL.C3g: I can put the sounds together to make a word. 

  8. LL.EL.C5j: I can repeat things that are read to me using voice and words.

  9. LL.L.C2d: I can start talking to someone and take turns talking. 

  10. LL.L.C2g: I can change what I am saying so people can understand me. 

  11. LL.L.C2h: I can use more words to make a sentence. 

  12. LL.L.C3b: I can use clues to figure out what words mean. 

Yearly Standards (taught throughout the year)

  • LL.EL.C4c (Yearly): I can name some letters.

  • LL.EL.C4d (Yearly): I can create letters.

  • LL.EL.C4e (Yearly): I can make the sounds of multiple letters.

  • LL.EL.C5c (Yearly): I can ask and answer questions about stories that I hear.

  • LL.EL.C5d (Yearly): I can make a connection with a story.

  • LL.EL.C5i (Yearly): I can show the order things happened in a book.

  • LL.L.C2a (Yearly): I can talk in 3-5 word sentences.

  • LL.L.C2e (Yearly): I can use my voice and words the way my teacher shows me.

  • LL.L.C3a (Yearly): I can use a lot of words.


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