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Quarter 1 Standards

  1. M.CC.C1a: I can count with a model.

  2. M.CC.C1b: I can count to 10 and beyond.

  3. M.CC.C2a: I can use numbers in play. 

  4. M.CC.C4b: I can match an object to an object in a group. (1:1 correspondence)

  5. M.G.C1a: I can identify a shape in a real-life situation. 

  6. M.G.C1b: I can use words to describe a shape.

  7. M.G.C1c: I can make a shape with my hands or objects. 

  8. M.G.C1d: I can make shapes while I play. 

  9. M.G.C1e: I can use words to describe shapes.

  10. M.MD.C1a: I can sort things into groups.

  11. M.MD.C1b: I can tell why I put these things together. 

  12. M.OA.C2b: I can fix a pattern. 

  13. M.OA.C2c: I can duplicate a pattern. 

  14. M.OA.C2d: I can extend a pattern. 

Quarter 2 Standards

  1. M.CC.C2c: I can write and create numerals with my hands.

  2. M.CC.C2d: I can tell a numbers name when I see a number from 0-10. 

  3. M.CC.C3a: I can look at two sets of objects and decide who has more or less. 

  4. M.CC.C4a: I can tell how many are in a group up to 5 objects without counting.

  5. M.CC.C4c: I can count objects using a number for each. 

  6. M.CC.C4d: I can tell how many items are in a group after counting them. 

  7. M.CC.C4e: I can match a numeral to a set of objects. 

  8. M.MD.C2a: I can tell what I like when asked. 

  9. M.MD.C2b: I can show information that I collected. 

  10. M.MD.C2c: I can tell about my graphs or groups. 

  11. M.MD.C3a: I can use words to describe how objects are different.

Quarter 3 Standards

  1. M.G.C2a: I can use positional words and follow directions when they are used (e.g., between, inside, under, above behind). 

  2. M.G.C2b: I can use positional words when I speak to others.

  3. M.MD.C3b: I can use different things to measure.

  4. M.MD.C3c: I can use measuring tools. 

  5. M.MD.C3e: I can tell you in the right order what happens in my day.

  6. M.OA.C1a: I can add objects to make a group bigger. 

  7. M.OA.C1b: I can tell what happens to groups of objects when I put them together. 

  8. M.OA.C1e: I can count on with two numbers. 

  9. M.OA.C2f: I can tell how patterns are the same of different. 

Quarter 4 Standards

  1. M.CC.C2b: I can use my fingers or objects to show how many. 

  2. M.CC.C2e: I can tell the difference between a letter and a numeral. 

  3. M.MD.C3d:  I can put things in order by attribute.

  4. M.OA.C1c: I can take away objects to make a group smaller. 

  5. M.OA.C1d: I can tell what happens to a group of objects when I take it apart. 

  6. M.OA.C2e: I can create a pattern.

Yearly Standards (taught throughout the year)

  • M.MD.C2d (Yearly): I can look at a chart/graph to answer questions.


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