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Social Emotional

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Quarter 1 Standards

  1. SE.R.C1c: I can talk to new people with the help of grown-ups I know.

  2. SE.R.C2a: I can respond when someone talks to me. 

  3. SE.S.C3a: I can follow rules at school. 

Quarter 2 Standards

  1. SE.S.C1b: I can tell people what I like or don't like. 

  2. SE.S.C1c: I can say things about myself. 

  3. SE.S.C1e: I can ask questions about differences between self and peers. 

  4. SE.S.C2b: I can share my feelings with others.

  5. SE.S.C2d: I can share pride in my abilities. 

Quarter 3 Standards

  1. SE.R.C1b: I can make a connection with a grown-up I know. 

  2. SE.R.C2b: I can start talking/playing with people and keep talking/playing with them. 

  3. SE.S.C2a: I can tell how people are feeling by their words, faces, and bodies. 

  4. SE.S.C2c: I can talk about how people are feeling.

Quarter 4 Standards

  1. SE.R.C1a: I can show interest with familiar adults. 

  2. SE.R.C3a: I can take care of other people and their things. 

  3. SE.R.C3b: I can stand up for myself and people around me. 

  4. SE.S.C1a: I can do things with confidence. 

  5. SE.S.C3b: I can handle changes in my day.

  6. SE.S.C3c: I can use appropriate words and actions.

Yearly Standards (taught throughout the year)

  1. SE.R.C2c (Yearly): I can solve problems with others.

  2. SE.R.C3c (Yearly): I can take care of things at school.


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