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Beyond Textbooks

Social Studies

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Quarter 1 Standards

  1. SS.C.C2a: I can behave responsibly. 

  2. SS.C.C2d: I can tell why we have rules.

  3. SS.C.C2e: I can tell why people have wants and must make choices because resources and materials are limited.

  4. SS.C.C2f: I can tell how I helped today. 

  5. SS.F.C1e: I can tell you about my family. 

  6. SS.HE.C1b: I can talk about things that happened to me in the past.

Quarter 2 Standards

  1. SS.C.C1b: I can ask and tell how other people are the same as and different from other families.

  2. SS.F.C1a: I can tell that I am part of my family. 

  3. SS.F.C1b: I can tell who is in my family.

  4. SS.F.C1d: I can tell you how my family is the same as and different from other families. 

Quarter 3 Standards

  1. SS.C.C1c: I can describe people in my community (jobs, clothing, food). 

  2. SS.C.C3b: I can tell about where I live. 

  3. SS.F.C1f: I can tell what jobs each person in my family does at home. 

  4. SS.HE.C1a: I can tell you the order that things happen. 

  5. SS.HE.C1c: I can talk about what I did before or after an event. 

Quarter 4 Standards

  1. SS.C.C2b: I can take care of my environment (outside world). 

  2. SS.C.C2c: I can be a leader. 

  3. SS.C.C3a: I can tell places near where I live. 

  4. SS.C.C3c: I can tell you I share my world with others. 

  5. SS.C.C3d: I can tell you how to take care of my environment. 


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