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Beyond Textbooks

Required BT Trainings

To schedule a training, or for further questions, please contact 
Justin Chesebrough, Director of Beyond Textbooks at: or 520-879-3964

Gaining the Vision

Leadership Retreat Part 1

Leadership Retreat Part 2

BT 101

Part 1

(K-12; 2.5 hours)

Superintendent(s), building principal(s), and district-level curriculum staff meet with Beyond Textbooks (BT) staff for a 2.5-hour overview of BT, in order to determine if they would like to move forward with BT Gaining the Vision Part 2.

Part 2

(K-12; 2.5 hours)

Beyond Textbooks (BT) Staff meets with key teacher leaders, superintendent, building principals, and district-level curriculum staff for a 2.5-hour overview of BT. This is designed to gain the buy-in of teachers as well as provide administration with an opportunity to develop further understanding of BT. This will allow all stakeholders to decide if they would like to move forward with BT.

(K-12; 8 hours)

The Leadership Retreat is meant to give an organization’s key stakeholders an opportunity to become more familiar with the theory and practices that make Beyond Textbooks (BT) a success. This session focuses on developing a deeper understanding of the BT Frameworks, and participants will work towards establishing a specific implementation plan aligned to their organization. 

(K-12; 4 hours)

Beyond Textbooks is a proven effective systematic approach to teaching and learning. However, success with Beyond Textbooks is highly dependent on the leadership of the organization. In fact, leadership is the ultimate determiner of success. In this workshop, participants will learn about the critical attributes of leadership that have proven most successful in moving Beyond Textbooks forward in an organization.

(K-12; 3.5 hours)

Specifically designed for first-year partners, this training is an overview of the 7 Key Beyond Textbooks (BT) Starting Points, as well as the technical aspects of how to effectively navigate the BT Website.

BT 102 PLC Training Reteach and Enrich

(K-12; 3.5 hours)

Specifically designed for first-year partners, this training is an opportunity to review and clarify the 7 Key Beyond Textbooks (BT) Starting Points, as well as become proficient in more advanced technical navigation of the BT Website.

(K-12; 3 hours)

This is a comprehensive training on all aspects of a PLC, including effective implementation, data analysis and review cycle, SMART goal setting, and accountability process. This is an opportunity for your organization to reflect on current practices and design an implementation plan for your campus.

(K-12; 3 hours)

Reteach and Enrich is a time during the school day to provide targeted support for students based on math or reading data. The flexible reteach or enrich classes are aligned to master concepts of each essential standard. In this training, participants will gain insight into the purpose of Reteach and Enrich. Additionally, they will discuss and share ideas for a site-specific implementation of Reteach and Enrich.


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